Meet Masarie – the Lion Guardian famous for his sharp spearing skills

Masarie is one of the senior murrans we have working for the Lion Guardians program. His name, Masarie, was given to him when he first killed a lion. He is known far and wide for his sharp spearing skills, which enabled him to kill two lions before leaving this all behind to become a Guardian.


Masarie is one of those assertive and motivated people, who will never just approve a point that has been put across without some discussion first. It doesn’t matter whether he is speaking in a meeting with the Director of Lion Guardians or his colleagues, the other Guardians.


He will never give up on any tiring task that is allocated to him, whether it be fixing a boma, or walking for miles to track a lion. Another of his qualities is that due to his older age he is very influential amongst the murrans, and he has used this many times to stop groups from going out to hunt lions.


Masarie is married to one wife and two young boys. Listen below to Masarie talking about lion conservation and being a Lion Guardian.

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  • Chris says:

    I suppose it might be a bit dispiriting for you to have no responses to these really interesting personal profiles. You guardians are all doing a great job and we are all out here reading about it in admiration, getting to know you all and trusting that you are going to save the lions for us all. You can see from the world map that people know about you worldwide. Keep going Antony.

  • Dana-Phoenix Arizona says:

    Thank you Masarie for your “take” on lion conservation. I am glad that the villagers are listening to what you and the other Lion Guardians are so tirelessly trying to accomplish.

  • Lionguardians says:

    I agree with you Chris, when I opened the blog this morning and there was nothing it was hard for me but may it is because of the weekend.
    I hope there will be more comments on Monday.
    Enjoy your weekend Chris and dana.

  • Chris J says:

    Can’t help noticing that Masarie is warmly dressed in a jacket – more than I need on an English summer’s day! What’s the temperature like at this time of year over there?
    Keep up the good work and well done to Amy for the great pics.

  • Paula says:

    Karibu Masare. It is really interesting learning about the different guardians – good luck with the sponsor the guardians effort.

  • TheTeach, Seattle says:

    Masarie, thanks for your commitment and work in the communities on behalf of human-lion coexistence. Antony, thanks for your regular updates. It’s a great idea introducing us to your fellow guardians. It really means a lot to get to know the guardians as individual people. Best Wishes

  • Thanks for your comments. I am glad you are enjoying reading the profiles. We still really need your help to raise funds for us, so we can continue with our efforts here to help save the lions. If you can make even a small one-off donation to the cause we would be so grateful. And if you know anyone else who might be interested in helping us please send our blog address to them too! Maybe your place of work could sponsor a Guardian? Maybe you could organise a fund raising event for us, like the English school did. Every little amount donated helps the program carry on running. Thank you all!

  • And.. in reply to your question about the weather. It is very cold at the moment! We are all wearing coats and scarfs!

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