Meet Olubi, the Lion Guardian famed for his singing and lion killing

Olubi is one of those people you could describe as full of energy. The ever-happy Olubi is always laughing and making jokes about things he comes across, or about other people! He participates enthusiastically in all murran activities, including singing. In fact he is the murran best known for his excellent singing across three ranches!


Listen below to hear the Lion Guardians singing: the voice you can hear singing out is Olubi!

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Olubi killed seven lions in his life before becoming a Guardian, and for this he was given the name Meitiaki. Among the lions he killed was a female that was pregnant with five cubs. He regretted killing this lioness very much, and for this reason he volunteered to become a Lion Guardian instead of continuing to kill carnivores. He is very popular and well known among the murrans, not only those from his own group ranch Mbirikani, but also from the surrounding ranches, Olgulului and Eselenkei.


Listen below to Olubi talking about being a Lion Guardian:

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All of Olubi’s six brothers and his father have killed lions in the past. His father used to hate carnivores, and encouraged his sons to hunt lions, but since Olubi became a Guardian his father has been advising his younger sons not to kill them.


Olubi is married to one wife and two children. He is our second Lion Guardian that has been sponsored, thanks to Jia!


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