Now you have met all our Lion Guardians, please help us!

I hope you enjoyed finding out about each Lion Guardian, their personalities and backgrounds, and how dedicated they are to helping save the remaining lions here. The Guardians are really happy that they have all been introduced, and that you were interested in reading about them.


What is so great about the Lion Guardians, is that they have all been on lion hunts, and most of them have killed lions before, but now they have changed their attitudes completely and are trying to do everything they can to save the lions here and to change the attitudes of their communities towards wildlife too. Here are Nemasi’s cubs – some of the lions they protect.


And the fantastic thing is that they are so successful! Even elders who used to hate carnivores with a passion are listening to the Lion Guardians and have stopped killing carnivores. It is such great news for the wildlife here in this un-protected area.


The project has done so well here on Mbirikani that we hope to start it up in neighbouring areas too. The lions here don’t know that there are boundaries between ranches, and when they move to other areas there is a chance they will be killed. Recently a lion was speared to death on the neighbouring ranch where we hope to start the program. Here is another one of our collared lions – a male called Kesayou.


But first we really need to raise funds. This is where you come in! We are hoping that we can get all our Guardians on Mbirikani group ranch sponsored, before we try to start the program up elsewhere. So far we have 2 Guardians out of the 9 sponsored. We understand that sponsoring a Guardian is a lot to ask. Any one-off donations you can give will help the Lion Guardians too.


If you know anyone else who you think might be able to help, please pass the blog address on to them and tell them about the program. You can also join the facebook cause and invite all your friends to join too. The more people that know about the Lion Guardians, the more chance we have of raising funds to help the program go on. Please spread the word!


Maybe you could start a syndicate among your friends or colleagues where you get together and each donate a smaller monthly amount to sponsor a Guardian? These are just some suggestions! We are grateful for any size of donation you can give us. Thank you so much for your support. All the Lion Guardians pass on their thanks to the blog readers!


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