New lions kill giraffe

Lion Guardian Olubi reported that lions had killed a giraffe in his area of work, but he had not found a signal when using radio telemetry to track for collared lions. We went over to investigate, and Olubi and Mokoi guided us to the carcass.


The Lion Guardians could easily tell it been killed by a lion – they located some tracks and you could even see the scratch marks on the skin.


We used our telemetry gear to track from a hill in the area again, and could not pick up a signal. We hope that this means there are some new lions in the area! Olubi and Mokoi will keep track of any kills or lion tracks that they come across, so we can try to find out who these unknown lions are. And of course all our news will be reported to you on the blog!


  • Pirjo, Finland says:

    I have mixed feelings about this piece of news, for giraffes are one of my favourite animals.. It still looks very dry there, so I assume it hasn’t rained yet? Was this particular giraffe maybe weakened by the drought? I’m extremely worried for the wildlife over there and try to check the weather forecast almost daily to see whether the southern parts of Kenya are getting any rain.

  • Hi Pirjo, we have had a small amount of rain here, and things are looking a little greener, but it’s just not enough. Everyone is still waiting for the ‘real rain’ to come.

  • sauwah says:

    i know lions do take giraffes at times. but due to the size; thus the danger of taking this huge animal done? i also wonder about this pride. how many? there must be at least a big male involved. and this giraffe must have been so weakened. yet still it could have produced big damage to the attacking lions. and from the picture, the lions did not finish their well earned meal. they may return to their kill, right? so much meat left. otherwise, it would be such a waste.

  • Sharon says:

    My transaction for the Christmas when thru this time. I checked. Thanks

  • Alex says:

    Any more info about the culprit(s)?

  • Hi everyone,
    Mokoi and Olubi are keeping an eye out in the area, but it seems the lions did not go back again to the kill.. so we haven’t been able to trace them yet. We’ll keep you posted!

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