Six new Lion Guardians undergo training

After months of volunteering, six new Lion Guardians have just completed a four-day training course at our Training Center. During the training, the new Guardians learnt how to read and write, how to assist their communities, use the radio telemetry system and GPS devices as well as identify various animal tracks. A few of the lucky Guardians also experienced a delightful interaction with Selenkay, Meoshi and their eight cubs. For some of them, this was their first close interaction with a lion and they were buzzing with excitement as they watched the lions. They even gave names to Selenkay’s cubs – claiming these young cubs as their own!

As they left the Training Center, they were full of optimism and camaraderie. Many had not realized that as they became a Lion Guardian, they were to become part of something larger. Lupembe, one of the new recruits, aptly put it “As I was volunteering out in the field, I did not realize I had a second home. As I leave the Training Center today, I know I have a second home and am part of a larger family.”

Join us in wishing our new Guardians all the best as they officially start monitoring their zones.

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