Snakes in the office!

Over the past few months we have had 4 different snakes in our office at Lion Guardian headquarters! It’s been a herpetologist’s dream to be working here – however not so pleasant for those of us who want to get down to work, and would prefer not to be disturbed by these slippery intruders! Here is our lovely office that has recently had a series of hissing visitors!


First we had an Egyptian cobra under the desk, then a spotted bush snake fell from roof, we were then confronted by a hissing sand snake IN the printer and finally a striped snake at the door step! Here are some photos.. can you identify which is which?








Luckily we have a massive snake fan (and expert!) living just up the road at Ol Donyo Wuas lodge, who helps us out with snake identification, removal and relocation! Do you wish your office had this kind of problem?


  • Anna says:

    snakes are my worst nightmare! I’m not at all jealous of your problem. I am visiting Kenya for the third time this summer, and have never seen a snake before, so i think it’s unlikely i will be so lucky for a third time!!

  • Brenton H says:

    I could cope with the snakes because we have a lot of them here in Australia, but it would be the lions, leopards, elephants and all of the large animals that would take me aback if I was in Africa. Brenton.

  • Annie says:

    Yikes! No thank you!

  • paula says:

    That cobra is the last one – who dared to catch it? It has that classic teardrop under the eye, and black collar on it’s neck. It’s a red spitting cobra – we had one in our house this weekend! Glad you didn’t kill them!

  • joy says:

    I am grateful our office is on the 7th floor and hardly any tress/grass closeby. The only things we have in our office are birds flying in and out…and geckos at night! Those snakes look really beautiful in the pics… (let me check our printer again)!

  • Hashi-Hanta says:

    Your snakes are really beautiful! I’m glad no one was bitten. We had a snake in the house once and many outside. We had a rattle snake visit us not long ago, and I was alone and had to move it away from the house — not a great experience. I just put a mop handle under it and sort of tossed it ahead of me. Only later did I realize that the snake was as long as the mop handle, so moving it that way was a pretty stupid move on my part! Our snakes aren’t nearly as pretty as yours…..

  • sauwah says:

    i confess i am a bit time chicken. if i see a snake, i would run over my cats and fly out of my office or house. cobra is so beautiful ( in my t.v. that is ). poor things because they are so widely abused. rattle snakes are beautiful too. i have yet to see one here in vegas. with all the damn construction, i am sure the workers and their machines have and are killing every thing that moves.

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