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We would like thank you for your donations over the last few weeks. Our heartfelt thanks go out to Jessica F, Dana J, Richard V (who is sponsoring Lion Guardian Ritei), Hashi H and Lisa R. Special thanks also to Linda D for her generous donation of $900. Thank you so much.


We have also just had news that the cake sale held by the children of Westbury House School in the UK  raised over $400! We will be writing a post all about the sale in the next few days. Thank you! Here are Lion Guardians Mokoi and Olubi.


All your donations will help the Lion Guardians in many different ways -paying their wages, buying and maintaining the equipment they use, paying for my motorbike fuel, and many other things that we need here to run this program. Here are some of the Lion Guardians teaching a new volunteer how to use radio tracking equipment.


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  • Dana-Phoenix Arizona says:

    Antony – Thank you for the photos and updates on donations. Happy that bake sale was a success and it’s wonderful to see the young children of the School being so involved. They are our and your future ‘guardians’ of this Planet and seeing them involved at a young age is wonderful.

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