Your questions answered (part 1)

We had a very interesting time at the monthly meeting answering your questions. It is interesting to know what kind of things you want to find out more about. Here are the answers to 2 of the questions you asked.

Firstly, Pauline asked us: Do the Lion Guardians have contact with murrans from other neighbouring areas and do they learn what other murrans think of the scheme?

Lion Guardian Lenkina answers this question for her.

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The next question is from Lynne, who wanted to know how it works when a Maasai man has more than one wife. I asked Mokoi about this, as he is the only Lion Guardian with two wives. Here is his answer.

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  • Pauline says:

    Thankyou Antony and Lenkina for answering my question so fully. It is very interesting that neighbouring murrans want to learn about protecting lions and that the Lion Guardians are good ambassadors for the scheme. I wonder if other murrans will be prepared to pursue it without financial incentives, such as compensation for livestock.

  • Lynne, USA says:

    Thank you so much for answering my question! I feel very honored.

  • sauwah says:

    we all appreciate what these brave lion guardians are doing for they are more than brave. These young men have vision into the future and the desire to learn new things like the device to track lions and so on.

    Doing some thing or learning some thing new requires a brave heart and an imagining mind. Now with the new skill and knowledge, will these fine young men move on to some other field later on in their lives when they get older or just old? This world is still pretty big although we , the human race have blanketed this planet so much that wilderness or pristine places is more rare than a true/real miracle. I assume our wonderful lion guardians might wish to step out of their daily routine at least once.

  • Annie says:

    Great meeting sounds like…..keep up the awesome work!

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