At peace..!

I have made it back to camp safely now, after my journey from Nairobi. Sometimes Nairobi scares me a lot especially when I come across security men – because it can either mean there is lawlessness in that area, or that the police are hunting for criminals, and when a shoot out starts anybody could be a target. I had just boarded a Matatu to camp when two security men arrived on horses.

After talking to members of the public for a while it seemed that they were just on patrol, making sure that everything was in order. When I found that out I was able to relax, knowing that at least the government is trying to provide some security for its citizens. In all the times I have been to Nairobi I have never come across police on horseback before. I am glad they are making an effort to enforce security on the streets of Nairobi.

I am now glad to be safely back at camp after the poisoning meeting, which you can read more about here. At the meeting we also heard more news from Dr Asuka Takita about the poisoned lions in the Mara. You can read about the findings of the investigation on Asuka’s blog and on the Mara Conservancy blog.


  • Great photo! Maybe the presence of horses has a calming affect on people. As for the poisoned hippos and lions, it remains a mystery as to what happened. We pray it does not happen again, but we must be better prepared to deal with this in case it does.

  • Antony, thank you for stepping forward to help fight this battle. I’m glad you made it back safely. with our elections coming up our media has forgotten there is still a world out there. I try to keep up with the situation in your country, but it’s hard to get news other than just a short mention here and there. It’s good to hear that things are improving. Hopefully the Furadan problem will improve as well.

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