BBC visit the Lion Guardians

Last week we were visited by the BBC. They were making a documentary as part of a current affairs travelogue series. The series will be aired on BBC2 and Worldwide in early 2009.. so you have a bit of a wait before you can see us on TV!


They were very interested to film the story of the Lion Guardians, and we showed them the work we do, and told presenter Emeka Onono all about the problem of lion killing in Maasailand and how we try to stop it.


They asked the Guardians lots of questions about how and why they used to kill lions in the past, and why they have now changed their attitudes and are protecting lions instead.


We also told them all about the conflicts that the people here have with lions and other carnivores attacking their livestock, and what a big problem this is for livestock owners. I hope it will be a very interesting documentary to watch. I will make sure I tell you when it will be broadcast.


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