Bomas and lions

Antony, Ernest and our new Lion Guardian volunteer Solonka, along with Lion Guardians Mokoi and Lenkina have been out all day helping to reinforce a boma that has been repeatedly attacked by a hyena over the last few days. The livestock owner, whose animals have been attacked was threatening to kill the hyena. I hope they manage to make it predator-proof, and will bring back some photos of their achievements!

In the meantime, here are some photos of Nempakai’s pride, which we located yesterday on the boundary of Amboseli National Park.


We only saw 9 of the lions, but the grass makes a perfect hiding place for them, so its likely that lion number 10 was just hiding somewhere nearby.


One of the cubs managed to squeeze into this group below, which didn’t look very comfortable for the others! The one it was squashing promptly got up and moved away..



  • Lucy says:

    great pictures! the lion close up is impressive

  • Dana Phoenix Arizona says:

    Lovely photos Amy. Please accept my donation to thank the “Team” for the extra effort is helping make the boma more predator proof.

  • Amy says:

    Thank you very much Dana. I will go over and tell Lenkina and Mokoi right away – they are staying at camp tonight, as they have to go back and work on the boma again tomorrow, and are preparing some dinner right now after their hard day’s work. I’m sure they will be delighted that their efforts are being noticed and supported.

  • Dana Phoenix Arizona says:

    You are very welcome. The donation is not as much as I would have liked to give. It seems my PayPal account has reached its limit (since joining in November 2007) in what I can send without out applying for THEIR credit card and them having access to my bank account. That stinks! I will call PayPal on Tuesday and see how it can be sorted out without having to do one of those things. The only other thing I can think of is to send my donations via a personal check to Wildlife Direct here in the States.

    I hope the guys are successful in their efforts :>)

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