Carnivores massacre livestock

It is a sad day for Lion Guardian Solonka’s community. Over 10 shoats (sheep and goats) were killed in his area of work with another 10 missing. Solonka was called in to help find the animals, and discovered carcasses all over the area. He found tracks from lions, hyenas and cheetahs around them.


In cases like this where different carnivores were involved it sometimes doesn’t matter which carnivore made the kill – the lions will be blamed and hunted in revenge. We hope the community will follow the advice of Solonka and resist taking out their anger on the lions after he worked so hard to help find the rest of the herd that had gone missing.

Solonka was exhausted after walking for over 24 hours searching for the lost animals. He can’t understand how the herder lost so many during the day.  


  • paula says:

    Hi Anthony, did you see Jean Claudes post today from Tshiaberimu, he has reported a similar lion attack in Congo.

  • paula says:

    Hi Anthony, did you see Jean Claudes post today from Tshiaberimu, he has reported a similar lion attack in Congo. Sadly the lion had to be killed

  • Jeremy R. says:

    Was the herder negligent, and did he leave his stock to wander unattended?

    I understand that your lion guardian colleague has to reach out to the community, and engage them so as to win them over, but how can he just sit back if people are planning to commit an illegal act, i.e. arranging for the killing of a threatened species? Does the community have no respect for the law?

  • sauwah says:

    solonka was doing good work. and i hope all his hard work will pay off now for the sake of the lions. why on earth they always take out on the lions even though the guilty party can be some other animals? that is unfair to the lions in the first place. and secondly, if they just kill the lions – the innocent ones, they let the killer free. and guess what? that serial killer will kill again! they can kill all the lions in kenya or all africa. but the killer is still there and death of livestock will continue! just like when an innocent man being sentenced and put in jail or death, the murderer is still free and can go what ever he pleases. and if that killer is insane, more people will end up dead. and tragedy will continue. the difference is now instead of the killer being guilty, the one who let the killer free and elects to ignore and truth, will be just as guilty as the killer.

  • We are happy to report that the community have not attacked any wildlife because of this event. Solonka will continue his good work in the area to make sure that this does not happen. We are not sure how it was possible for so many livestock to be attacked. It sounds like they were unattended, but we do not know the details yet.

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