Young child goes missing in the bush

We had a great end of month meeting with our director Leela. All the Guardians shared their reports from the zones that they live and work in. The most shocking news came from Lion Guardian Mokoi, who reported that a child had gone missing out in the bush for 2 days. Here are the Lion Guardians at the meeting listening to the news.


The 5 year old had been fighting with her sister and when her mother got angry she ran away crying, and ended up getting lost. Mokoi worked for over 24 hours using his great tracking skills and eventually found the child late in the afternoon on the second day, after she had wandered for miles. The community was so pleased that she had not come to any harm and they thanked Mokoi for his assistance.

Lion Guardians help in any way they can to reduce conflict between people and wildlife, and this is a situation which could have been potentially life-threatening for the child. We are so glad he found her safe and well.


  • paula says:

    Hi Anthony and Leela this is such a heart warming story. I hope that Mokoi gets an award for this rescue, and I hope the girl learned a lesson. She must have been terrified. How did she survive out there alone? Sounds like a great story with a food lesson for a childrens book 🙂

  • Lynne says:

    Oh my goodness, what a story! I agree with Paula. Moloki should receive recognition for saving the life of the young girl. Congratulations to Moloki. How grateful the girl’s family must be. Moloki must be the greatest tracker ever!!!

  • Anna M says:

    Well done and thank you Mokoi, so pleased she was found alive and what an amazing goodwill this must have generated between the local population and the guardians that will in the end benefit the wildlife…. He is a true hero..

  • Thank you for your comments. I will make sure Mokoi is told how well his work is supported by the blog readers.

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