Celebrating World Lion Day 2015

In celebration of ‪#‎WorldLionDay‬, we held a film showing and soccer challenge at Loitero Primary school in Eselenkei Group Ranch. Here is a pictorial overview of the celebrations:

PJB_8416e copy

School children and community members ready to watch the Lion Guardians educational film and several clips from other lion based documentaries.

PJB_8441 copy

In addition to the film showings, Guardians Leparakuo and Lekundu shared their insights and experiences with the children and other community members. The audience absolutely loved the experience – giving the Guardians many “thumbs-up”!

PJB_8452 copy

Following the film showing, we presented the school with a few Lion Guardians soccer balls and encouraged all the boys and girls to play a big game of soccer. All joined in and it was tremendous fun!

PJB_8542 copy

Finally, we ended the day with a soccer skills challenge aptly named the “keepy-uppy”. Of course Guardian Lekundu was not able to resist this challenge but only managed two consecutive keepy-uppies! He should probably stick to what he’s good at – being a Guardian! 


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