Community threatens to kill cheetahs

Today I went to visit a community that is complaining of cheetahs attacking and taking away their goats and sheep during the day. Livestock owner Melubo Nteke showed me one of his goats that had been injured by a cheetah when they were being herded during the day.


I asked him who had been herding the goats and he told me that they were being looked after by young children. He told me that in his community livestock are often herded by children who are less than 15 years of age, who cannot chase away carnivores when they attack livestock. Here is the owner of the goat, who was very upset and angry.


Lion Guardian Olubi is currently in the area trying to help with the situation. From the community’s point of view, all that they want is for the problematic animals to be killed. Livestock is their only source of livelihood and if a group of carnivores starts killing their livestock then they would want them dead. Here is Olubi.


Olubi is now advising them on how they can alter their herding practices so that their goats will not be attacked, and hopefully will bring an end to the problem before any carnivores are killed.


  • Dana-Phoenix Arizona says:

    I didn’t realize that cheetah’s were so bold to try and snatch goats that way. Thought they were skittish. Hopefully the revised herding practices will prevent a cheetah from being killed.

  • Annie says:

    Wow, I guess they are pretty daring………I hope something can be resolved here to help both sides……

  • Jia says:

    dear anthony,

    i hope the farmer has found ways of protecting his herd from the cheetahs. and hopefully the cheetahs are not harmed! they are beautiful animals and the most fragile of the big cats!

    one more note, i have just started to sponsor the lion guardian mirishi from eselenkei group ranch. i hope you will receive the money i donated to him.

    last thing. i would like to send some cellphones, and camera to you. please provide me an address where i can send to so that you will receive them soon! i believe you have my email address.

    Thank you lion guardians!

  • sauwah says:

    the live stock owners can’t place such important task of protecting one’s livestock onto children. Kids are all alike and i don’t care where they are and what culture they grow up in. The owners need adults to care for their properties. I will never hire a fourteen or even eighteen year old boy to guard my house or baby sit my cats when i am out of the country. Young kids are self centered and self absorbed. Plus what they do they know due their lack of life experience.

    good luck to the cheetahs and your good work. as the old saying goes, ” if one want to do things right, one must do it himself.”

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