My beautiful land..

The other day I was traveling back to camp; I had been to the place where the lion was speared, to investigate what had happened there. I had to get a public bus and since it was full, I had to stand all the way. During my journey I noticed a group of non-Maasai people on the bus. From their conversation they looked like they were from Tanzania. Half way through the journey, we came across a herd of more than 10 giraffes browsing nonchalantly on the Acacias by the roadside.img_4341.jpg

On seeing this, the guys all stood up from their seats staring at them with great amazement. They were so excited that they had to ask the driver to stop the bus so they could have a better look at these beautiful creatures. They did not even care that they were delaying some of us who see this every day!


Then I started thinking: why don’t most communities endowed with natural resources appreciate the beauty of the land provided to them free of charge? What would happen if a lion crossed the road in front of us and these people saw it, like this one in the Masai Mara? Would they be struck by the lion’s beauty also, or would they be scared and want to kill it?


These are some of the questions that linger in my mind as I sit at my desk at camp.


  • Jocelyn says:

    Very cool, I’m so proud of what you are doing in Africa. I can relate with the men on the bus. I’ve never seen a giraffe in the wild, the biggest thing I’ve seen in the wild is a bear. Good luck with all your conservation. Hopefully I’ll be old enough to help out too!

  • Sharon says:

    Antony, you are so right, you do live in beautiful land! It is nice to hear about people enjoying the beauty. Keep up the important work and stay safe!

  • Timi says:

    I first found the Wildlife direct web site because of my interest in great apes. At the time I found the site, there were already so many blogs that I knew I had to limit my interest to a few if I wanted to follow them up regularly, and my first instinct was to check all blogs that are written by African people. Yes, I was a racist, I wasn’t interested in the white folks. Since the beginning, I have found my favorites, and some are written by Africans, some are not. Anyway, right now, I know that one blog is above all others my greates favorite: Lion Guardians. I love you Anthony.

  • Seamus says:

    Describing yourself as rascist does not excuse you from being rascist. Are you implying that black people are africans and white people can’t be? And more to the point, what on earth makes you think that a person’s race determines how good their writing is, or how interesting their experiences might be? Please continue reading the blogs and supporting conservation but don’t make the mistake of bringing your prejiduces to this forum. They are not welcome.

  • Wanda, Atlanta says:

    This site is for the animals they have no race!

  • Hi Timi,
    I am so pleased you enjoy the Lion Guardians blog, and I hope it continues to be your favorite! Thanks for your support!

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