Elephant speared

Yesterday we heard the news that an elephant had been speared four times near the edge of our ranch. We also heard that the scouts that had found the elephant had lost it in the bush, and the pressure was on to find it again. A plane was sent to search for the injured elephant so that it could be treated by Kenya Wildlife Service. Luckily the elephant was found, and we all hope that KWS will be able to treat it, and it will survive its injuries.


We don’t know the circumstances that surround the spearing but water is still in short supply here, so it is possible that the elephant was causing trouble with the communities while in search of water.

I will update you with more news about this when I receive it.


  • Sonja says:

    While I certainly feel bad for the elephant, I really hope that rains will be prompt in coming so that the people won’t have to compete with the big pachyderms for water.

    On another note, Living With Lions is coming to my zoo to give a lecture, since our zoo will be receiving lions this year (a much-awaited event) and strongly advocating their conservation. I can’t wait to attend!


  • sauwah says:

    i too wish rain will come very soon! hate to see any living creatures suffer and cause such an unfortunate conflict. i try to image being speared; can’t. but i am sure pain must be great. i have seen the spears myself. it seemed so heavy. and they are long! hope that elephant was able to draw out the spears unlike lions or other animals.

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