End of year party for the Guardians

On the 31st December it was time for our end of month meeting. This meeting was special because it also marked the end of the year. All the Guardians came to camp and told us their news from the last month, and from the whole year. Everyone was happy and the news went well, except that all the Guardians and the whole community are worried that if it does not rain again soon, then all the livestock will die. We did have some rain in November and a little in December, but it has not been enough, and the land is starting to dry up again.

To celebrate New Year’s Eve we bought a sheep and a goat for the Guardians to feast on, and had a party until we saw the 1st January. There was singing and dancing, and everyone had a great party. At the moment we have a Swiss television crew here who are making a documentary about Living with Lions and the Lion Guardians program. I will tell you more about these people in my next post. Here are the Guardians being filmed during the meeting.


I would like to say thank you to everyone for your support and for being with us until the end of 2008. I hope 2009 will be a great year for you and for the Lion Guardians. Happy New Year! Here are some of the Guardians preparing the meat to be roasted for the New Year’s Eve feast.


I would also like to say welcome to those of you who have not visited our blog before, especially those of you who saw the piece about us on Canadian TV. Hello, and welcome to the blog! Thank you very much for your interest and donations to our project.


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