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Hello, Amy here. I am writing my first post while Antony is taking a well-earned few days off work. I have already been introduced by Antony, but I thought I would tell you a bit more about what I am doing here with the Lion Guardians, and why I think their work is so important.

I have been associated with the Living with Lions project for a while now, having made their website as part of my Masters project three years ago. Since then I have been updating the site and helping out the project in my spare time, while working as a producer.

Now I have swapped my London office, for a tent in the beautiful Chyulu Hills region of Southern Kenya, and am working as a volunteer for the Living with Lions project, which includes the Laikipia Predator Project, Kilimanjaro Lion Conservation Project, and of course the Lion Guardians. Although I am not getting a salary, there are a few major perks to the job – here I am with a male lion, which was darted by the Laikipia Predator Project last week for a collar change.


I think the Lion Guardians is a fantastic program. It is so great to see the Maasai warriors, who once used to spear lions, have now changed their attitudes towards carnivores, and have also helped to change those of their communities. It is extremely encouraging to see them bringing about real differences to the environment around them.

I am hoping to help the Guardians raise more much-needed funds through this blog. The project is always in need of donations, which among other things, go towards the costs of equipment, for example telemetry equipment so that the Guardians can track collared lions, and mobile phones, so that they can report their findings to us at camp. And of course we also need money to pay their wages! We are also desperately in need of a vehicle, as Antonyâ??s bike is not a satisfactory form of transport, especially in the rainy season!

We know that everyone gives what they can. The problem is that we need to make more people aware of what we are doing, and the work that still needs to be done. Soon we will be starting a Sponsor a Lion Guardian campaign, and we hope that our loyal readers will help us by sending our blog address to anyone who might be sympathetic to the cause.

Thank you so much for all your donations. It is inspirational that so many people are interested in lion conservation and are willing to helping the Lion Guardians in their goal to conserve wild carnivores in Maasailand.


  • Amy, just some suggestions. The Great Ape blogs are visited by many, in part because people become very attached to individual gorillas, chimps, etc. This emotional bond translates into donations. We all see the absolute need for the Lion Guardians; but to attract more people to this worthy endeavor, more focus somehow, needs to be placed on the lions, themselves. Their prides, the cubs, etc. More pictures need to be posted of them, as well. Perhaps, a separate donate box could be set up, for one of the resident prides. Remeber how people identified and followed Honey, the cheetah and her three cubs, in Big Cat diaries? We need to have something like that with these lions. Personally, I can’t think of any blogger who posts more often then Antony, rain or shine, he delivers. At the age of twenty three, he has more poise and composure, then anyone I know. He has a big heart and so do the Guardians, they deserve more support for their hard work.


  • Amy says:

    Thank you Theresa for your suggestions. We will certainly try to bring you more news from the lions, as well as from the Lion Guardians in the future. It is indeed important that people feel they have an emotional connection with the lions we are trying to conserve. Thanks for your support!

  • Well thank you Amy! I sent some sunshine from Florida, after making those comments. The Lion Guardians are crucial to the survival of these majestic animals!!!

  • sauwah says:

    theresa, you are so right! yes, the blog should feature lions more often and help the readers form some bond with the lions. i am a great fan of the big cats diary and do get so attached to the marsh pride and other lions and leopard named half tail.

    by educating the readers or introducing each pride, the pride’s history and its pride and joy ( cubs and daily struggle to survive ), you can’t help but care for them. then people know how really really difficult life is for a carnivore/predator. i rather be a grass eater or better a big eagle than a predator especially a solidary one.

  • kimojino says:

    Congratulations Amy!!! keep it up.

  • mekin says:

    iam rasing money by having a cake sale

  • lionguardians says:

    That is great news Mekin! Thank you! I hope it goes very well.

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