Roaring back to camp

Today I am travelling from the Laikipia Predator Project down to Nairobi, and then back to camp. I am happy to say that from my bed last night I was able to hear the amazing (although slightly scary!) sound of lions roaring. It is an incredible sound, which I have not yet experienced from camp in the Chyulu Hills, where the lions are much more elusive. Here is one of the collared lions, Nosero, roaring, for those of you not lucky enough to have heard this before in the wild.

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I am not really looking forward to being in Nairobi, now that I am so used to the tranquillity of the bush, and also having just read the awful story of Iregi Mwenja who was robbed at gunpoint there yesterday after giving a talk to KWS.

Iâ??m glad to say that very soon I will be back in camp, looking at views like this..


..and wildlife like this..



  • Thank you, thank you! Wonderful to see and hear beautiful Nosero. This is what the Lion Guardians is all about, protecting Nosero and his fellow lions. I will share this post at work tonite, with my coworkers. Beautiful pictures and great post. Stay safe in Nairobi.

  • Wow, she is magnificent and so is her roar! Thanks for getting that for us. Do you know what this vocalization means? Was she calling other lions?

    Be safe in Nairobi. No shortcuts.


  • Whoops, I did it again…sorry Nosero, you are a she, not a he! Sheryl, I held one of my cats close, so he could hear Nosero, his ears flew back as he nervously looked around.

  • Mary says:

    That is too funny about your kitty (well probably not for him), Theresa! Maybe, I should try that with my kitty as well.
    Be careful in Nairobi.


  • sauwah says:

    i love the roar of lions; wish i too can roar! too bad this lion is a lioness whose roar is not as great an adult male! now that is a roar fitted for a king.

    i heard a lion roar one night in a camp in namibia. it sounded like the lion was right outside my tent. god was i scared. i turned off my alarm clock because i thought that roaring lion might be able to hear the alarm and would come and eat me. after all i was in a tent made of plastic sheets.

    next morning the staff told me that that lion was a mile a way.

  • kimojino says:

    Thanks Anthony for fighting save Nosero!!! Our community may want you to concentrate more on cattle than lions, but you have my heart.Restore our wildlife.Last in Chyulu in 1988 December, during my early basic ranger training doing map reading.I hope to come with William end of june.

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