Guardian Olubi – A veteran speaks about his trip to Tanzania

           Guardian Olubi enjoys “soup” made Tanzanian style. Photo Credit: Salisha Chandra

The journey to Tanzania was very exciting. I especially enjoyed seeing lots of animals in the crater. I was also thrilled to learn how the crater had formed. I loved the fact that there was so much water in the crater and the surroundings were so lush, it made my heart and soul happy. And the animals were all healthy and lively due to the abundance of pasture and water.The next day during the Games, I was extremely pleased with the our team’s participation. I commend Sankuyan for a job well done during the high jump competition. The young Guardian won despite having a wound on his right leg. And the rest of the team were also winners as we participated till the end.

Guardian Olubi participating in the 100m sprint – giving it his all! Photo credit: Salisha Chandra

I also recognize and appreciate the hard work it takes for an organization to send its employees to a far flung destination. I appreciate the leadership of the Lion Guardians Organization for recognizing the tireless efforts of me and my colleagues. I am happy that me and my colleagues also maintained great respect and carried ourselves with decorum. I would also like to thank the ilchokuti from Ngorongoro for their hospitality – they were so friendly, jovial and welcoming!

                     Guardian Olubi congratulates Ilchokuti Samuel on a win. Photo credit: Salisha Chandra

Lastly, I want to add that I am even more inspired to continue working hard as I have now personally seen that there is a greater family within and outside Kenya who are also working hard to save lions.

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