Having trouble sleeping? Why not try data entry?

Since the film crew left I have been stuck in the office. Maria who sometimes helps me with data entry when she is not busy in the kitchen has gone home for her holiday, so we don’t even have good food to sustain us!


However we do currently have some help from Stephen Melubo from the college of African Wildlife Management who is getting stuck in to data entry too! He is currently entering data for the Kilimanjaro Lion Conservation project. I hope he finishes this soon so I can have a helping hand with the Lion Guardians data and will have time to visit all the Guardians tomorrow to pick up their forms!


The weather here is not good; the sun has gone and we are all feeling cold. We are even thinking of bringing our Maasai blankets into the office to keep ourselves warm!

I hope you are all having a good weekend.


  • Annie says:

    Cute story! You guys are awesome………..!!

  • Dana-Phoenix Arizona says:

    I can only add Antony that I wish I had an office like this. My office has four walls, no windows and no fresh air. Have a good weekend also!

  • Richard V says:

    Hi Anthony,

    How are you? How is everyone in camp and how is Seamus? I hear that the new lodge is amazing. Richard and Tara stayed up with us recently in London. We miss the Chyulus alot and will hopefully be visiting in December. Can you send me an update on how Retei is doing? I would very much like to meet him when we come in December – Can you send me an email with your address so I don’t have to correspond through the blog…Say hello to everyone. Richard

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