Helping a sick mzee to the clinic

I was just heading to camp when someone came running up to me. His face clearly showed that he needed help. He seemed almost desperate. He told me that his father was ill, very ill. He had asked people with a motorbike to take the father to the clinic, but the people were charging too much money to take him a distance of less than 10kms.

The son’s happiness was clear when I said I could take the sick mzee (elder man) to the clinic. The desperate son then asked me whether I would accept all the cash he had at the moment.
I refused.

He was persistent in his willingness to pay for my help. Since I wouldn’t accept money, the son offered me this beautiful young lamb;

I still rejected it.
He blessed me at the end of the day for not accepting all his offers and helping his father. I took the mzee down to town and made sure he got treated at the clinic since sometimes when they are busy, they only take very serious patients.
Here is a picture from the boma. The mzee I took to the clinic is at the center wearing the black coat.


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