End of Field Work

The long rains are here with us once more. This is when traveling becomes a nightmare, field work cannot be done until the rains are over. Though researchers and people trying to travel in cars are limited by the rains, the livestock owners are now the happiest people on earth. Water has become a thing of the past though it was just some days ago livestock owners were walking long distances to get water for their animals.

As much as I love for the people and livestock to receive the wonderful rains, I dislike staying cooped up in the office for the next month or more. Sometimes it is good to take a ride around the ranch to see what the guys are doing. My Sunday visits with the Guardians are the highlight of my week. I hope I don’t have to miss too many visits because of the rains. But the good side of being in the office is that I get to be in communication with all of you!

Here is a photo of the rains as they move along the Chyulu Hills

Today, I have a lot of wonderful people to thank. First, a big Thank You to William Luke for the donation of a Nokia and to Francis, Theresa S. and Loki Q. for their tremendous support. We also have to thank Leila M. for her very generous contribution to Lion Guardians (maybe we’ll see you back in Maasailand sometime soon?). I can’t say enough how much we appreciate all the support that we receive from everyone out there in the world. I know I’ve said it before, but we couldn’t do this without you and every little bit helps. THANKS!!


  • Antony, I’m always happy to hear of rain where water is so scarce. You have had so much excitement lately, you need a break! Beautiful photo, truly breathtaking.

  • Mary says:

    This is a beautiful picture!

  • Beautiful photo Antony. I know what you mean about being cooped up. I’ve been waiting for mountain hiking season to get here. About two weeks ago the weather started warming up, the trees and flowers all began to bloom, I thought spring was here. And then today it started snowing. First it rained then it snowed and then it started to hail, after which, the sun came out for a tease before it started raining again. I feel like we skipped spring and moved straight into fall. Hopefully soon we will both be able to enjoy the outdoors.

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