How to make your own medicine in the bush

Yesterday someone in camp wasn’t feeling well, so we decided to make some dawa (medicine) for them. We thought we would tell you how we made it.

Step 1: Find someone who can give you the ingredients for the medicine from the bush. We have a friend called Mambo who sometimes brings this to us. He knows exactly which bark and leaves are good medicine and where to find them.


Here are the ingredients he collected from the bush:


Step 2: Put your dawa in water


Step 3: Boil it up


Step 4: Enjoy the VERY bitter taste of the dawa, and feel well and healthy again!

I would like to say a special thank you to Africa Alive!, a visitor attraction in the UK who have once again helped us with fundraising and given a large donation to the Lion Guardians. Thank you from all of us!

Also thank you to each one of you who has made a donation to us. We rely on your support, and are very grateful for any money you can spare to help our work. THANK YOU!

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