Introducing our new Lion Guardians!

Now that the project is up and running on Eselenkei Group Ranch, we want to introduce you to the four new Guardians who are working here. The first Lion Guardian we would like to introduce you to is Kamunu.

Kamunu is the most experienced of the new Guardians. He is extremely articulate and very smart, but has never been to school, so is now learning to read and write. Though quiet and thoughtful when asked anything, his answers are always accurate and clear.


Mature and confident, Kamunu is one of the most highly respected morans in Eselenkei Group Ranch. He has participated in many successful lion hunting sessions in the past, and has a good knowledge of lion tracking.We hope to use his valuable experience to prevent further lion killing by his age-mates.

Having impressed our team of selectors during the volunteering period, we expect him to play a prominent role during the forthcoming transitional period when the new moran age-group is initiated, and the threat that new morans might go out and kill lions becomes more imminent.

Welcome Kamunu!


  • Hashi-Hanta says:

    Welcome Kamunu!! I know your expertise will help to protect the Lions. They truly have a new friend. From the other side of the World, I greatly thank you for you efforts!

  • Nina Canal says:

    I am an artist living in France but I am also an African as I was born in South Africa. I have a very strong attachment to lions and other big cats so I am so very, very happy to hear about this program to help the lions survive by their neighbours and brothers the Maasai morans.
    Thank you Kamunu!
    and thank you Panthera!
    my best kind wishes

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