Welcome to the Lion Guardians Eric!

Eric is our new Lion Guardian Coordinator in Eselenkei Group Ranch, where we have now expanded the project to. Fluent in Maa, Swahili and English, very eloquent and with a friendly and likeable character, Eric has so far proved to be a great asset to the team. He trained as a community development worker and worked for an NGO in Southern Kenya before joining the project.


A leader in his own right, Eric is highly respected by his community and is very influential both within his group ranch and outside it. Eric is an excellent tracker and has participated in several successful lion hunts in the past. Here he is training the new Guardians about their tracking forms.


Eric is also gifted at influencing the community and we intend to use these skills to help stop lion killing by the new warrior age-set, which will soon be initiated (some months after the rains come). He comes to the job with a pool of reconciliation and conflict-resolution skills that are absolutely necessary in the conflict-prone Amboseli ecosystem.

Eric will be writing posts from the Eselenkei Lion Guardians from now on – he will start with profiles of each of our four new Guardians.

Welcome to the team Eric!


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