Lion Guardian Games video!

You might remember that we held the Lion Guardian Games back in July. The Games took place on the expansive Mbirikani plains and were held in order to bring all the Guardians from the 3 Group Ranches together, to meet and get to know one another, and share their stories of the lions that roam across the ranches. It was a great success, and the Lion Guardians had a fantastic time, as well as forming close bonds which will aid their work as lion protectors and Guardians.

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We have now uploaded a video of the Games on youtube. You can see all the Lion Guardians in action – participating in spear throwing, stick throwing, jumping and singing, and even football! You can also read about the Lion Guardian Games on one of our major sponsors Panthera’s website by clicking on this link. Thanks Panthera!

We hope you enjoy the video!


  • Brenton H says:

    Great to see the video! Very special to those of us who live far away!

  • Kate Nicholls says:

    The Lion Guardians program is an astonishing initiative that could, and I believe should, be seen as a model for the development of similar programs elsewhere in Africa. Currently the biggest threats to lions Pan Africa are habitat loss and human predator conflict. It is imperative that regionally specific and culturally specific resolutions are found to ensure the rapid decline in wild lion populations is arrested. The fragmentation of lion prides and territories places considerable pressure upon individuals and can significantly reduce reproductive success within a given population. Even in countries with relatively stable protected populations the impact of human predator conflict in peripheral areas (in particular use of poison) will impact upon the wild lion population as whole. Lions simply cannot replace themselves fast enough to counterbalance continuous high rates of attrition.

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