Map of male lion’s amazing travels!

We told you a while ago that with the help of Lion Guardians Mokoi and Kisimir we had finally found male lion Sikiria, who likes to wander far and wide. We were able to download his movements from his collar and we are pleased to tell you we now have the results mapped out for all to see!

Project biologist Stephanie Dolrenry has added Sikiria’s previous movements to the map so that you can see where he has been from September 2009 to the end of October 2010. And what a journey he has been on! He has visited 8 different Group Ranches and 2 countries!


It is amazing to see how far he has travelled, and it really shows you how our conservation efforts must be widespread in order to protect lions like Sikiria who live outside protected areas, in community lands.


So far the Lion Guardians cover three Group Ranches – Mbirikani, Eselenkei and Olgulului. With more funding we would like to expand the project to even more Group Ranches, and every single donation will bring us closer to this goal. And all you have to do is CLICK HERE! This link will take you to our partners Panthera who will pass on 100% of your donations to the Lion Guardians project. Please make sure you allocate your donation to us in the drop down menu.

Thank you very much from all the Lion Guardians who have been protecting Sikiria and the other lions that live in these conflict-prone community lands. Asante sana!

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