Lion marking territory

Male lion Manenkop stayed within Selenkay conservncay for almost a year and half. During this time, he exhibited maturity and conducted himself decently, rarely causing any problems. He was a favorite of many people. When Ndelie, the current resident male lion of Selenkay’s pride, came to the conservancy, Manenkop was scared away by his deep roars that reverberated over the conservancy. He moved to an area called Tulakaria close to Osewan. Since then, he has killed several livestock and was unsuccessfully hunted by the new Moran age set a couple of times.

Manenkop marking his territory

Recently, our Lion Guardians have been reporting tracks of 2 male lions and community members have also reported hearing the constant roars of 2 lions in the same area. We highly suspect Manenkop to be one of the lions but we have yet to identify his companion. From the look of things, they are clearly marking their own territory in this remote communal land where prey species are abundant. We will soon update you on the identity of these two lions whom may be responsible for the loss of several livestock in and around Osewan.

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