Lions Return to Kimana Sanctuary

The verdant, beautiful 5000+ acres that make up the Kimana Sanctuary used to support a good number of lions; the big cats relied on its year-round water and used it as a critical link between large swaths of prime territory. But beginning in the 1990s, the lions disappeared, likely as a result of increasing human presence in the area.

We are very pleased to share that Big Life Foundation, who manages the area with support from The David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust and whose scouts patrol the Sanctuary, has reported lion track sightings and roars, suggesting that lions are now routinely using the area again! On May 5th, a joint Big Life & Lion Guardians team conducted a fact-finding mission to the Sanctuary and confirmed the fresh tracks of at least one sub-adult male who seems to be using the area regularly.

We hope to spend more time working alongside Big Life in the Kimana Sanctuary soon to identify who these pioneering lions are, and to understand how they are coexisting next to the bustling town of Kimana.

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