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I am pleased to inform you that am doing pretty good in school and enjoying the mode of studies being offered in the institution. In addition the institute is equipped with different methods of training including practices on the field and in technical laboratories. The habitat within the main campus is amazing with different wildlife species e.g. warthogs, hyenas, Leopards, buffaloes and Impala not forgetting more than 100 bird’s species.  Accommodation facilities and services offered are really of good standards and am finding it very helpful to stay in the hostels because am getting a lot of studies opportunities and safety. 

We begun our second semester on 2nd October, with new modules which includes: Research Methodologies, research project, practice and principles of management in conservation, survival techniques theory and field practical’s. The courses are offered on module system which runs between one or two weeks depending on the topics to be covered. 

By the end of the this semester we should have covered thirteen units and a field trip to the national parks and reserves in the country to capture the real picture of conservation and its importance’s globally. 

Finally, I wish to say thank you so much to the Kenya Wildlife Trust for helping me reach my dreams. Also, I would like to thank the Lion Guardians program for providing me with the baseline knowledge and opportunity to promote the survival of “Panthera leo” by working closely with the community. I am very happy to finally have the opportunity to integrate my past experiences with the academic opportunity I have been afforded.  I promise to bring a great change for better coexistence of people and wildlife for current and future generations in East Africa communities. 

Thanks- Luke Maamai


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