New Lion Guardians!

We are excited about our newest expansion site into Tarangire, Tanzania. In collaboration with Dr. Bernard Kissui and the Tarangire Lion Project, nine new Maasai Lion Guardians have been hired and are actively protecting lions in the community areas north of Tarangire National Park. These are key areas to provide connectivity between Tarangire NP, Lake Manyara and other lion populations to the north and west.

Tarangire Guardians






Members of the Kenyan Lion Guardians team are currently in Tarangire, working with the new Lion Guardians. They report that the training is going very successfully. The Tarangire Lion Guardians are dedicated to their work; they are already making great progress with their literacy skills and have already stopped two lion hunts!

Tarangire GuardiansWe are excited about the collaboration between Lion Guardians and the Tarangire Lion Project to protect the lions of Tarangire and beyond. We will keep you updated on the progress at this site.  

Your support helps spread the Lion Guardians model across East Africa, protecting lions outside of formally protected national parks and other wildlife areas. Please consider supporting our work as we expand our collaborations to save lions across Maasailand. We are looking to purchase a vehicle to aide the Lion Guardian Tarangire team so they can respond to conflicts quickly and access the community areas where lions are coexisting alongside people and livestock – your donation can make a difference!








  • Herry C. Sanare says:

    Congratulation to all LG, particularly Dr. Amy. Thanks for that great effort saving the lions around the masailand. Please keep it up!

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