Maasai warrior meeting

I have been away from the blog for a few days as I had to go out to collect weekly forms from the Lion Guardians. I still had three different places to go before evening fell, so I thought I should start by visiting Koikai.

When I arrived at Koikai’s neighbourhood, Olbili, I found there was a big meeting of murrans (warriors) happening. The agenda of the meeting was apparently to discuss murrans not being involved with group ranch affairs. They feel like they are sidelined, and are not given the chance to express their opinions on community matters. The only place where murrans can get jobs and be involved in the community is through the Lion Guardians program.

Here are some of the murrans after the meeting, competing to see who can jump the highest, a tradition of the Maasai murrans. They also compete to see who can throw their spears the furthest.


Koikai asked Lenkina, another Lion Guardian from Ilchalai to come over for the meeting, so that they could both talk about the Lion Guardians program to the murrans. Here are Koikai and Lenkina, with Koikai’s sister.


I was also able to speak to them about lion conservation, and the work of the Guardians. Here I am talking to the murrans.


I was glad that I could talk to them about lion conservation, as it is so important that these murrans, who might otherwise go out to hunt lions, are aware of the benefits of conserving them.

I would like to thank Fiona R, Richard V, Hashi H and Lisa R for their donations. The Lion Guardians are extremely grateful for your contributions towards their program.

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