Male lion eats ostrich alive!

A few days ago we received a report that a lone male lion had injured one donkey and three cows and killed another cow in Mbirikani. All this from just two bomas. We followed his tracks on foot for 15 kilometers without any diversion or rest, eager to find out who this male lion was that had caused so much destruction.

After a while we came to a place called Nkoisuk where we were greeted by a strange sight – an ostrich that had been attacked, and even partially eaten, but was still alive. It seemed that the lion had jumped onto the back of the female ostrich and did not even care to break her neck. He fed on it until he was completely satisfied and continued on his journey as if nothing had happened, and all this while the ostrich was still alive! We were completely baffled by this behaviour. Here is the poor ostrich.


The size of his tracks, his strategy while passing by human settlements, his choice of territory and the fact that he was alone all pointed to one individual – Lomunyak. We carried on following the tracks, until we found the spot he had been resting. It seemed he had run off from the place just a minute before, probably after hearing us approaching. Though we were unable to see him, I have no doubt in my mind that it was Lomunyak. He has been elusive for several months now, so we are very glad to find him again.


  • sauwah says:

    poor bird. i don’t think lions are smart enough to know his prey is in great pain. food to him is the most important thing and filling his stomach is his only concern. i have read some horrible acts done onto prey animals by hyenas and even our beloved lions. it’s good to be big; but again its death might be long and painful too. hope she either will recover or die quickly. as i firmly belief, i rather be a wild prey than a factory farm animal or a working animal or some stray cats or captive or captured snakes for they do suffer a hellish living condition made by humans, be the objects of tortured till they die from that torture like being skinned or boiled alive. and for what? not for the survival of the human consumers! for just their vanity,egos and sick enjoyment.

  • Nicky says:

    The Ostrich should be Okey unless it suffered any broken bones in this case the lumbar. Avian s have hard time healing broken bones due to their physiology.

  • Caitlin says:

    please tell me you put the ostrich out of its misery – I know that would be interfering, but to Sauwah’s point, that’s a drawn out passing.

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