Mara vet stranded!

This week we were lucky enough to have a vet from the Mara, Asuka Takita, visiting our camp, as well as Living with Lions director Laurence Frank. Asuka had come to find out more about what we do here with the Lion Guardians, and the Living with Lions program. It was great to have her here, and one thing that I really liked about her was that she speaks Swahili like a Tanzanian, who are thought to be the real Swahili language speakers!

The first time she went out of camp for a drive with Laurence and Amy, it was not very successful! They had been gone for about an hour, when I got a text on the Lion Guardian phone saying: â??please bring us a lot of water, we have broken down on the plains near the air stripâ?. It was getting late and we had no transport at camp except for my bike and Asukaâ??s car, but she had the keys! Here is a photo that Asuka took of Amy and Laurence inspecting the engine, which was making strange sounds and steaming!


I went out to look for them on my bike but could not locate them anywhere, and it was getting late. It is risky to ride a bike at night here because of the soil type, so I was running out of ideas! As it got later and later they started to worry that they would have to spend the night out there! They did however have this amazing view to keep them occupied while they waited!


Luckily I found someone at the nearby lodge who had a car and very kindly delivered them water. We were very glad that we were able to bring our guests safely back to camp.


  • Yikes! Poor Asuka, motor vehicles, are always causing her grief! But she has a lot of spunk, nothing can slow her down. Hope she enjoyed seeing these lovely giraffes as much as I do now. Have a great weekend Antony.

  • sauwah says:

    any comments from laurance frank on the program at all? any more funding he can locate for the lion guardian program?

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