Saving wildlife with the communityâ??s youth

Yesterday I mentioned to you that I have been elected as the treasurer of a community youth group. The name of this group is Ewangâ??an Community Development Association (ECODA). The aim of the group is to address issues affecting the community, such as environmental issues like wildlife conservation, education, and the rights of members of this ranch.

Having elected the committee, the members of the group had an important initial task for us. They believe the group ranch resources are being mismanaged, and hence the local community is not getting their rightful share of the resources of their land. They want us to find out whether this is the case, and to report back to them about it. Here is a photo of our beautiful ranch with Kilimanjaro in the background.


One of the main reasons why local communities are killing carnivores and other wildlife is because the resources of the group are being mismanaged. I believe we have to start somewhere to bring transparency to this ranch, and my hope is that once we have done this there will be many fewer wildlife killings by members of the community, and it will be much easier for the Lion Guardians to continue to protect lions like this from being killed.



  • Don’t know if this is info is in the archives somewhere…

    Antony, could you post some general info on how the ranch is managed and by whom? Also, what is the population?

  • BTW… A bill to create the Wild Sky wilderness Area (167 square miles of forest) here in WA, was just signed into law today. Getting Bush to approve something like this is virually impossible. People like you, Antony, are the ones that make these things possible.

  • sauwah says:

    why do the communities think their areas have badly managed? in what way? and how can one fix such misuse or abuse? and by whom? not the lions or other predators which are being needlessly killed for others’ sins and wrong doing. unfair i do think. and as for those who misuse and abuse must be punished big time.

  • Lisa great question about the management, I was wondering, the same thing. Please tell us more Antony, about this. BTW, beautiful pictures, thank you.

  • â??Mbirikani group ranchâ?? represents community owned land that comprises over 10,000 members. Out of these 10,000 members, only 4667 members are registered. Its approximate size is 125,000 hectares. Leaders are elected by these members. Elections are held after every three and half years but in most occasions these election processes are not observed by the leaders who donâ??t want to leave office so that they can continue misusing the group ranch resources. These elected leaders are the ones who transact any arising business on the ranch on behalf of the members.

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