Meet new Lion Guardian Pilenanka

Pilenanka Sitiyo volunteered as a Lion Guardian in the Ilchalai area back at the start of the project in 2006, and showed great promise, but was just beaten by Lenkina who still holds the position in that area. Now we are pleased to see him again, and he has shown his dedication to the project by moving his family and boma all the way over to Old Donyo Wuas so that he can work as a Lion Guardian in this area.


There are often problems with hyenas in the Ol Donyo Wuas area, and Pilenanka has been working hard to improve the local livestock enclosures, as well as helping find lost livestock, which is a particular problem during the dry season.  Pilenanka can read and write well, and has been helping new KLCP biologist Kylie get to know the area, as well as translating for her, with his knowledge of English and Swahili.


Pilenanka needs a sponsor! If you would like to sponsor new Lion Guardian Pilenanka, please put a 1 in the QTY box for Lion Guardian sponsorship and make sure to add a comment so we know you would like to sponsor him. We need your help! Without your donations the project cannot afford to continue its important work conserving lions. Thank you for your support from all the Lion Guardians!

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  • Hashi-Hanta says:

    Welcome Pilenanka!! I know you will be a wonderful addition to the group. My very best wishes to you and your famly.

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