Meet our new Lion Guardians!

We are pleased to announce the arrival of two new Lion Guardians on Mbirikani Group Ranch. Mushaga is replacing Melubo in the Oltiasika area and Pilenanka replaces Lion Guardian Solonka in the Ol Donyo Wuas area. We are sad to say goodbye to Melubo and Solonka who have both worked hard for the project, but are excited to welcome two new Guardians to the team!


Mushaga Kaika enthusiastically volunteered for the project for a month before starting work officially this month. His excellent tracking skills and eagerness for walking secured him his position even though he has never been to school and therefore can’t read or write. He is now actively practising his writing skills so he can fill in the lion monitoring and community work forms which he’ll be using.


Already he has been finding lion tracks almost daily, and has quickly learnt how to use radio telemetry to track collared lions. Mushaga is well known in his area and has already been helping with boma wall fencing and finding lost livestock. We hope he continues in this enthusiastic approach and finds some new lions in his area!

If you would like to sponsor Mushaga, he would be absolutely thrilled, and it will help the project considerably. Sponsorship of a Guardian pays for his wages, basic equipment like a backpack, pens, paper, and monthly costs such as phone credit (for making lion reports to the biologist), and administration costs like printing of his monthly data entry forms.

You can sponsor Mushaga by putting a 1 in the QTY box for Lion Guardian sponsorship. Please add a comment so we know which of the Guardians you would like to sponsor. Thank you for your support from all the Lion Guardians.

Find out about new Lion Guardian Pilenanka in tomorrow’s blog!


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