More cows killed by lions

An unidentified number of lions have killed 2 cows in an area called Centre, at the border of our ranch Mbirikani and one of our neighboring ranches called Kuku. As you can see, not much remains of the cows…


This area is home to Lion Guardian Ritei who reported this news to us. He will be following this incident up with the local community and trying to keep track of where the lions are to make sure that the livestock owners do not retaliate after two of their cows were killed.


At the moment Ritei doesn’t know whether it was any of our collared lions that made the kill, or the new pride that moved into his area recently. He suspects the animals may be the new group. We will report to you more about these lions once Ritei gets more information from the community and after tracking them.


  • Wanda, Atlanta says:

    Please keep us updated – new group sure would sound like the most likely –

  • Stephanie says:

    Oh this cant be good for the lions….The people are gonna get mad if they keep this up…

    Big Gorilly Hugs

  • sauwah says:

    how did the lions find their ways to kill/eat the cows? where was the owners during this unfortunate event? is his boma needed much upgrade? good luck on him/his cows/lions and naturally your good work! hopefully no more death of cows from lions or any predators.

  • Annie, Texas says:

    Sorry to hear this……..Yes ..please do all you can so the farmers don’t try to do harm to the lions…… need to put their livestock away when they are not able to watch them!

  • Pauline says:

    It is interesting to look at Ndelie’s movements on the Cat Map, which appear to be quite purposeful and near the bomas, or am I reading too much into it?

  • Lionguardians says:

    Hello everyone,
    We are not sure how it came about for the livestock to have been killed, apparently they were killed between 4-5pm in the evening. The most probable answer is that they were un attended. Ritei is working on all the details and I will let you know once he is sure how the lions killed the tow cows.

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