More donations for the Games!

Thank you Sauwah, Brenton and Anna! You have now raised our Lion Guardian Games total to $250! Only $750 more to go! The Lion Guardians are all talking about who will win which event, and which ranch has the better singers, jumpers and stick throwers!


All the Guardians from each ranch are deciding on the top two games they would like to compete in. For example, the other day at the Mbirikani Lion Guardian meeting, one of the Guardians Kapande, stood up and said that they should definitely NOT choose singing because the guys from Eselenkei ranch will embarrass them! Other Guardians from Olgulului said that they shouldn’t choose spear throwing because they are just so good at it that there will be no competition, and thus no point! We can’t wait to see who will win the different competitions!

Thank you for helping us make it happen – and please spread the word!


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