More good news for lions

For the second time in a week lion conservation has received a major boost. Yesterday we reported that the murrans who killed a lion on Olgulului Group Ranch, neighboring ours were sentenced. Today we report that a predator consolation scheme has been launched on this same ranch, with funding from National Geographic.


The scheme means that when livestock is killed by a carnivore the owner of the livestock will receive some money in return. In order to receive this benefit the community must agree to not kill any carnivores. We have a similar scheme running on our group ranch.

The launch ceremony for the scheme was attended in large numbers by the community and the Kenya Wildlife Service warden was also present. The community agreed to welcome the new â??baby’ as it was termed by the murran leader of the Laitayiok clan. We really hope that this will mean an end to carnivore killings there.  


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