More new lions?

Lion Guardian Koikai has reported two lions close to Olbili, where he lives and works. When he passed on this information to the office, he said he thought they were a new pride. Our collared male Lentim is at Olosira, a hill close to Olbili, but Koikai think the ones he came across are probably new lions. Wouldn’t it be great if new lions like this had moved into the area?


I will deliver a receiver to Koikai soon so that he can track these lions, and find out if they are collared, or new individuals as he suspects. The good news is they have not caused any trouble to livestock owners. We really hope this continues, but as ever Koikai and the other Lion Guardians will be ready to try to dissolve any conflict that may arise between livestock owners and carnivores.


It would be great if we had the funds to buy each of our Guardians a receiver. This would make the program much more efficient as they would know for certain which lions they were tracking. As always, your donations are really appreciated, and are vital in order for us to continue the program.

Thank you to everyone who has made donations recently – Edward M, Dave B, Black C, Wanda H, Peter P, Caroline T, and Loki Q. We would not be able to continue our work without your support.


  • sauwah says:

    the lion in your photo is so handsome! who is this blond any way?

  • Isn’t he? He is a resident of the Masai Mara… We would love some beautiful lions like this in the Chyulus. Let’s hope for more lions in the area soon.

  • Sonja says:

    Yeah, he is a really gorgeous blondie! It really would be great to have more lions around (so long as conflicts stay at a minimum). Very cool!

  • TheTeach, Seattle says:

    Great to hear about the possibility of a new pride in the area. Hopefully this won’t also translate into an increase in cattle killings. It’ll be great if you can get these newcomers collared so that their movements can be tracked. How does their new presence alter the balance of power with regard to territoriality with the existing prides in the area? Is there enough territorial range to go around for all these prides, or are there apt to be some power struggles for dominance? Best Wishes

  • Thanks for your comment. We are still waiting to hear if these lions are collared or not, but it will be great news if they are new to the area. There is plenty of space and wild prey for them. If they are new we would try and get one of the pride collared so we can monitor them.

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