Mystery animal

It was late in the evening in our camp in Selenkei when we decided to respond to a Lion Guardian report. Several exciting things happened within a short span of time. First we found a herd of about 30 elephants which in itself is something unusual. The elephants were clearly uneasy with us being near, probably as a result of the on-going human-wildlife conflict in Amboseli. After inspecting the elephants at close range for any injuries, we left satisfied that they were all okay.

Then within a short distance, a lone hare persisted to stay on the road in front of our vehicle, thus in our way. Darkness was approaching and we slowed down for it to move on. Then like a flash, an African wildcat darted into our path, struck the hare with its paw and delivers a death bite, all in less than 3 seconds. We could not believe it and were excited that it all took place in front of our vehicle. We continued on our way. As we reached the edge of Amboseli National Park in open grassland, we found a completely black animal that I have never seen before. The altitude was 1245 meters above sea level. It had a small head with large ears and long legs relative to its body size. Can any of our readers identify this creature?

Can you identify this animal?
We were very excited when this crossed our path.



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