New lion cubs in the area!

The Guardians had a very successful end of month meeting. They brought us news from their areas of work, and told us they were all very happy as there has been some rain.

On the way to the meeting Lion Guardians Koikai and Lenkina discovered some lion tracks which they said were a female and some small cubs. They found the tracks near to one of our collared male lions Lentim (he is one of our 3 lions with GPS collars, whose tracks you can follow over the internet).


We were all very pleased to hear that there might be some new cubs in the area. After the meeting we sent Koikai and Lenkina back to the area to look around for more tracks, and we will give you any news about this when we have it. Wouldn’t it be great if we had some young cubs like this on our ranch?


Thanks so much to Pauline for telling us about the BBC programme. I am glad it was interesting. Hashi – I will ask whether your suggestion is possible.


  • Christine C. says:

    Oh my, they are sweet! Fantastic picture…thank you for sharing!
    Can anyone provide a link to the BBC site? I don’t get that channel on satellite, believe it or not.

  • sauwah says:

    you have no idea how happy i am to hear your joy and hope of having new lion cubs on your ranch. and the lions under your guardianship have no idea how lucky they are unlike lions living in the maasai steppe area in tanzania. in this year alone 12 lions were speared to death due to their killing/injuring livestock. even though some have escaped death, they do bear injuries which will only burden their success of hunting wild prey ( chance of survival ). the villagers and the lions there surely can use your help to start their lion guardian program for the lion population there have declined over 20%. i know there are many lions in tanzania; but this can’t go on. afterall, lion hunting is allowed in most parts of tanzania. in short, lions are being killed on both ends. frankly, i rather have lions being killed by villages than those wealthy foreigners who lust to kill some poor animals that have not caused them any harm in the first place.

  • Lion Fan says:

    Hello, love Your Blog but what Has Happend To The KlCP blog? Is Seamus Veary Busy? Or Has He Ceased Blogging? Hope You Can Help.

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