Another sighting of Nemasi and her cubs

We are pleased to report another sighting of the elusive lioness Nemasi and her three cubs. She has been very hard to track recently because the frequency of her collar has interference from another source and it is difficult to pick up her signal.

But Lion Guardians Mokoi and Olubi have been keeping track of her whereabouts by following her tracks on the ground, so we know that she is still in the area, which is great news. Mokoi reported that yesterday she killed a wildebeest, so we also know she is feeding and they say she is healthy too. Great news!

I’ll bring you some photos when I can! Here is a photo of Nemasi and her cubs which we took a while ago.


Thanks to all of you for keeping on checking the Lion Guardians blog. We are having a really busy time at the moment, with a new camp being built and some exciting other things developing which I will tell you about soon! We all appreciate your continued support.


  • Hashi Hanta says:

    I am glad to see the population is growing!! I am constantly amazed at the bravery of the Guardians. It has to take great courage to track lions. These are not house cats! I continue to be very grateful for the wonderful, selfless work you do!

  • Thank you so much Hashi for your kind words. We are all encouraged by the comments of the bloggers, and it gives us courage to go out into the bush and look for our lions. Have a good weekend.

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