New male lion spotted – photo!

Lion Guardian Mokoi has finally located collared male Kasayio, who he found in the company of two other lions. Kasayio is one of those shy lions who will never show his face. But on this day, Mokoi and I were able to see one of Kasayio’s comrades, a young male that we have never encountered before.


He is probably two to two and a half years old, judging by the development of his mane. Mokoi had to warn the community because he knows Kasayio killed a cow in December in Lion Guardian Kapande’s area, so we know he has a taste for livestock. We are crossing our fingers until these lions move out of the area as they are very close to people’s settlements at the moment, and we don’t want any conflicts between the local people and these handsome young males.


  • Christine C. says:

    Gorgeous lion!!! I hope that the livestock killings will not continue…for the sake of the villagers and the lions.

  • sauwah says:

    he is a young boy all right. i assume his companion is also a young male from his pride which i also assume has ousted the boys. it must be a very frightening and life threatening experience for the boys who have to face a mountain of challenge just to stay alive and grow up like his dad. can one image one has to enter a new world one knows nothing while one has to be lucky and skillful enough to hunt down a prey for both. and even when these two boys are lucky enough to steal or kill a meal for themselves, they have to fend off the numerous hyaneas or other bigger lions who are the lords of that neighborhood.

    now with the recent killing of a cow, these two boys might see livestock as an easy meal which they are since they lack the skill, physical fitness, the smart and the experience to save their own lives ( they are totally depend on people to survive).

    i wonder the guardians can or should scare these two boys along with kasayio away from people and their livestock?

  • Hashi-Hanta says:

    What a gorgeous face!!! I agree with Sauwah. My first thought was that maybe they could be scared away into another territory and away from people and livestock. Hope and pray it all works out.

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