Picture this..

As we were driving I saw this on a moving â??bill boardâ?.
‘Heshimu Punda’ means respect a donkey. It was on the spare wheel cover of a car in front of us. Then I started thinking: we have the situation in Kenya right now after the election violence where people are in dire need of food, clothing and shelter; and others like the livestock keepers are under pressure from carnivores that kill their source of livelihood, with the Lion Guardians trying to help them minimize these conflictsâ?¦.

Some other people still, are out there trying to fundraise for animal welfare.

There are so many different issues, of great importance to different people, just in this one country. Makes one think, doesnâ??t it?

Thank you all so much for your kind words and donations for Kapande and his wife. I will tell him the good news when I see him on Sunday. I know he will be very grateful for your help to pay for his hospital bills, and for your good wishes.


  • Hi Antony, WSPA does great work highlighting the needs of beasts of burden; horses, mules, donkeys, oxen, etc. These animals often receive no medical care, are underfed, and work from dawn to dusk. Of course, this is also how many people live their lives as well! We recently learned from Paula @ her blog that only 3% of charitable giving, goes to wildlife conservation, shocking. I believe the answer is to combine the efforts of human and all wildlife needs, as they are reliant on each other for their survival. I also believe, planned parenthood needs to be a major focus of all nations, poor and wealthy. We are using up our limited resources…yes water is number one on this list. I’m keeping Kapande and his family in my prayers. I think of your Guardians as my family.

  • Antony, a little something on the way, to brighten Kapende’s day.

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