Sponsor sends greetings to Maasailand!

Lucky Lion Guardian Koikai is being sponsored by blog reader Anne C. We are extremely grateful to Anne for her support of Koikai, and of the whole Lion Guardians project – she recently also donated a brand new laptop for our new Lion Guardians in Eselenkei Group Ranch, so they can fill in all the data they are collecting there! What a fantastic gift! Along with the laptop Anne also sent over a card for Lion Guardian Koikai, which we gave him last week.


Koikai was absolutely thrilled to receive the card. He was amazed to think that someone on the other side of the world is thanking him for the work he is doing, and even paying his wages and helping with all the other costs needed to run the program every month.


We would like to send a massive thank you to Anne, from the whole project, but particularly from Koikai, who was so touched to receive this note from the across the world!



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