The drought continues

The drought is still continuing here, and the animals and people are struggling badly. Everyone hopes rain will fall soon and bring back some life to the parched land. The water hole near to our neighbouring lodge Ol Donyo Wuas is constantly visited by many elephants, as well as very thin herbivores like these zebras, all looking for the scarce water.


There is no grass left to be eaten anywhere, and the wildlife and livestock are starving. These hills were once covered with long green grass – now there is nothing for the animals to eat.


The carnivores however are doing well. They have so many weak animals to choose from, they are able to feed regularly. Here is collared female Selenkay eating a zebra.


This drought is the worst anyone can remember and everyone in the community is praying for the rains to come soon. For their part, the Lion Guardians are doing their best to find lost and weak livestock, which is a particular problem during this time.


  • Brenton H says:

    I feel for you all there. We have drought in Australia and our main River system, the Murray/Darling is in terrible decline. I hope it rains soon because water brings life and renewal.

  • Nicole says:

    Damn this is unbelievable! I just feel for you all so much. I cant believe that climate change is already affecting our wildlife at such a deep cost!

  • I am praying – I don’t often but I think of this all the time and I want rain for your people and the animals so badly —
    I hope everyone is praying for rains!

  • Pirjo,Finland says:

    Every single day I look for the weather forecast for Kenya and hope and pray that the rains will come. I’m actually coming over to Kenya in mid November and usually I would want the weather be nice and sunny, but not on this occasion, because now you need rain more than ever. I would be so happy to be able to witness the rain and the hope it brings to the wildlife and humans. I can’t watch animals suffering.

  • scott urbanek says:

    It is unlike the mighty Zeus to play parsimony with his thunder and storms. I beseech him to petition his magnanimous indifference and allow some compensation for all those suffering and all those struggling to aid. Nothing could be more welcome now than a wanton display of his majesty by darkening the skies and saturating the earth.
    This is my prayer.


    There is no rapture to compare with a deep drink on a parched throat.

  • We pursue here in Germany your situation in Kenya and hope for it every day it rains.
    We say thank you for your work and try from Germany to support you.
    With our photos which then pack in the books.
    We would like this the people get awake in Europe, more fights for Africa to wake up the people so that they do more for the protection.
    Greate from Germany

  • Rachel says:

    My partner and I were in samburu on 21st August and safari for the week, It was heartbreaking …so many animals struggling to survive and just the rain that falls weekly in our country would change thier world and the lives of all in kenya, My heart goes out to all and prayers are with you all for the rain that is so desperately needed.

    Rachel X

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